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Thread: What settings do you use?

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    What settings do you use?

    Hey guys I was wondering at what settings do you set your video cards to when you play games?

    Do you crank up the anisotropic to 16X and the anti-aliasing to the max?

    Or do you leave them at whatever the games says.

    How about the resolution; do you play at your monitors max or down a few notches?

    I tend to think that most people just leave it at the default settings and then play with the resolution size.

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    What settings do you use?

    I am one of those people that lets the game decide and max's out the resolution. Unless something buggy happens I leave it alone.

    I do alter the autoexec file in some games to help out on fps too.

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    What settings do you use?

    I usually leave things at factory settings for the game and hope for the best.

    I do alter the autoexec file in some games to help out on fps too.
    Never heard of this, any examples of how to do it and/or what it does?

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    What settings do you use?

    On my Diamond Ati 5870 the standard (factory) speed setting is 750 Mghz I believe. I OC'd mine to 900 Mghz, cranked up the fan slightly and have left it there ever since with actually lower temps now.
    As far as antialising, antiscopy and or whatever, I just leave those settings.

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