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Thread: Is it possible to lengthen your PSU wires?

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    Is it possible to lengthen your PSU wires?

    Ok my question is i need to lengthen my PSU wires, meaning the 24pin, 4pin and sata power wires to about 4 feet in length. Is this just crazy or is it possible?

    I was thinking of getting lower gauge wire maybe 10 gauge to be able run smoothly with out any major resistance and it seems to me that 10 gauge should be enough maybe almost to much maybe.

    Not sure what chance's of this happening are but any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Also the PSU i'm working with is a 220w itx.

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    Is it possible to lengthen your PSU wires?

    By the way the 10 gauge wire would be main wires only so i'd have four 10 gauge wires, 1 for 12v, 1 for 5v and the other 2 for ground wires for the 12v and 5v. Then just splitting those once inside the case.
    And the rest i was thinking of leaving the same but just lengthen the wires.

    Any thoughts???

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    Is it possible to lengthen your PSU wires?

    The only thing I can think of right off hand is that there might be a bit of a voltage loss to to the length or the way that you lengthen the wires.

    I really do not think that you would find any troubles in doing so, BUT my suggestion is to jump over to Tazz's power supply site Those people are crazy smart about ANYTHING to do with power supplies.

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    Is it possible to lengthen your PSU wires?

    Thanks AF, i'm surprised i didn't think of that :lol:

    I was thinking the same thing about the voltage drop, thats the one thing that worries me is when the computer is under load and it drops voltage to an unstable state.

    So i'll see what they have to say, I've already dropped a thread there way and hopefully someone can help.

    If everything works out the way i want i'll be posting my first mod soon 8-) The only big thing is that its my only computer besides our laptop so its hard to work around when its my main rig.

    Fingers Crossed :!:

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    Is it possible to lengthen your PSU wires?

    Mission successful!!!

    So I got everything up and running and voltages check out with 3 and 1/2 feet of wire.
    Believe when i say it wasn't easy, but not so hard it was impossible.

    This is what i started with.

    De-soldered board. Those manufacturer solders were not so easy to get lose, highly recommended you have a de-soldering tool of any kind.

    Here is a shot of the board after i was done soldering everything up, part of the green print actually lifted from the board, i was lucky and saved it but man did that suck.

    WIRES, just a few i'd say. Well i went with 12-18 AWG wire for this project as 10 AWG was to big. Also noting that the +12v line has two mains.
    So in the end i went with:

    12AWG - grounds & +5v
    14AWG - +12v & +3.3v
    18AWG - -12v, -5v, PS-ON, PWR-OK & +5v standby

    All finished!!

    So all last night i wanted to stress this PSU out for as long as i could, it was on for just over 12 hours @ 100% load so its in fact all good, i haven't experinced anything wrong with it yet.

    Here's a shot of everything taped up i know i know :crazy:
    But i had to test thing out so this is what it looked like, I'm already designing something to case these wires plus i'll be soldering them up for guaranteed connection.

    So my conculsion is that you can successfully lengthen your PSU wires with out much problem at all. Lol if you need to. :lol:

    I would also plan this out before you just jump in, I made a diagram of the board and marked down which wire goes where and where each wire went into the plug.

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    Is it possible to lengthen your PSU wires?

    AWESOME MAN! I guess we now know it can be done without any effects.

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    Is it possible to lengthen your PSU wires?

    Since it was a success, you should lick the capacitor. Party Hard.

    Any reason in particular you needed the wire that long? Or just curious if it could be done?

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    Is it possible to lengthen your PSU wires?

    Lol, I plug that puppy in and lick it tell my hair stands up haha. Those capacitors suck when you touch them, i can handle 110v like nothin, but anything higher and i can feel that shock for days.

    Yeah I've been working on a little project in my spare time and i couldn't fit the PSU in the case unless i got a slim drive DVD burner but didn't want to spend the cash on it so i decided that i'll just sit the PSU on the floor and just use what i got for the project.

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    Yes you can do it, I'd use the high grade wire for all connections tho, to limit the resistance of the cable. A 220w PSU needs all the help it can get to be honest, unless you're running a single core with onboard video...

    If it's not a multi-rail design, you could probably get away with pushing all the same voltage lines into single 10AWG lines, and splitting them again at the computer end of things.

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