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Thread: Duke Nukem Forever Date Confirmed for May w/video!

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    Duke Nukem Forever Date Confirmed for May w/video!

    Warning: Demo Trailer contains crude images, NSFW language, carnage, mayhem, blood & guts and much more of what you would expect!!

    "Well it seems that pigs can fly and hell is currently serving ice cubes to the locals, as Duke Nukem Forever has finally landed a confirmed release date after over a decade of delays.

    Friday 2K Games officially announced that the long, long-awaited sequel to 3D Realms' classic FPS game Duke Nukem 3D will hit retail shelves on May 3, 2011 here in the States, and May 6, 2011 internationally for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

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    Duke Nukem Forever Date Confirmed for May w/video!

    WOW, wow and more WOW! Unbelievable graphics and the game content actually looks equally impressive.
    As one poster put it, "this is going to be the year of the games"! And this game is proof!

    Still to come F.E.A.R. 3
    Crysis 2
    and more .

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