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Thread: Gamers Rage Over Call of Duty Elite Plans

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    Gamers Rage Over Call of Duty Elite Plans

    "News of a premium service for Call of Duty has caused some fans of the game to fly into a rage, claiming gamemaker Activision should not charge monthly fees for online content.

    Call of Duty Elite, which publisher Activision announced Tuesday, is a hybrid stat-tracker–social network for the online-shooter series that will become available this summer. The basic service will be free, but some features will require a premium subscription.

    While Activision has not laid out exactly what extras will come with a fee attached, some Call of Duty players have taken to the web to protest what they see as a cash grab by the makers of the best-selling videogame in the United States."

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    Gamers Rage Over Call of Duty Elite Plans

    It's no surprise that a manufacturer at some point would attempt this. The ongoing fees charged by MMO gaming companies has always been an attraction for all game developers but how to continously cash in on those gamers from something outside MMO's without upsetting your fan base after they've purchased the content has been a stumbling block.
    By integrating special features and social records they are trying to eek out the last little bit of profit from the one time cost paid by the gamers themselves by selling them essentially, social networking for gamers, just like you have in MMO's but for a different venue.
    How well it will do is anyones guess but I think this will be the test launching pad to see if gamers warm up to the idea or reject it altogether.

    I wouldn't be in a rage over it, I mean that's sounds a little overdramatic to be honest. I do understand and see both sides reasoning for whatever they decide though and there are valid points to be made from the developers end as well as the end user.

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