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Thread: What game made the greatest impacts on your life?

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    What game made the greatest impacts on your life?

    There were a several games that left an incredible impression on me as an individual. I think I can narrow them down into this, however.

    Phantasy Star II
    This was the beginning of the end for me. :roll: I probably had no business playing this game when I was 9 years old, as it had many mature themes. However, I did play it, and I still remember it now with an amount of fondness. Before this game, playing videogames was merely a hobby of mine. They were something to play when I was bored, or when you had friends over. Afterwards, videogames became an integral part of my character. I started to consider myself as a "gamer," and so began my quest to find for more difficult and unique challenges.

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    What game made the greatest impacts on your life?

    the first game I can remember getting to play over and over was MULE at a computer savvy friends house in the late 70, early 80s

    since I've had my own computer , I've had some WWII games, a (good) flight simulator , but Half Life 2 sucked me in ... I spent a week just watching what happens when I pushed/threw/shot stuff and then the game was enthralling to me ... haven't found anything to quite equal it except the first FEAR and I found Mass Effect quite enjoyable

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    What game made the greatest impacts on your life?

    Speed Buggy. Commodore 64, it's what made me learn BASIC!

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    What game made the greatest impacts on your life?

    Well, growing up in the 80's was great, it all exploded there.
    My favorites, in arcade version, were Dragon's Lair and Galaga.

    Then many years (and many quarters) later;

    I bought my first PC, a 486 PC with a Pentium 133MHz processor, because of DOOM I.

    I later upgraded that bad dog with a Pentium 2 (4x something or other) and added EIGHT MEGS of RAM!
    All that awesome, just to play Dark Forces and X Wing and Tie Fighter.

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    What game made the greatest impacts on your life?

    Quake II.... it really turned me on to FPS and online multiplayer. My life has never been the same since.

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    What game made the greatest impacts on your life?

    First Console Game that set me off was Super Mario Bros 3., and then i really didn't get into PC gaming until UT2004 (only 21) and then UT2004 led me into CoD1 (which is still an amazingly fun game).

    But in terms of the one game that set me into PC Gaming...probably TF2 or WoW, before that it was just a casual competition, and after that I've become a much more hardcore gamer.

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