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Thread: 3200 Stock H/S fan

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    3200 Stock H/S fan

    Well my new 3200 should be coming in tomorrow or monday (praying tomorrow). I plan to OC the proc but i'm a little concerned as to what the stock h/s fan can handle. Can you safely get to 2.8 on it? I've heard of it just never really believed it. Although I can always mod it :twisted: , I modded my dell h/s with an 80mm antec which keeps a celeron D at 28C 8O. Any feedback is appreciated.

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    3200 Stock H/S fan

    It is possible that you can hit 2.8 on stock HS, however I'd bet it is unlikely. I think 2.6 is a very realistic number though if you have a good motherboard underneath it.

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    3200 Stock H/S fan

    yeah. But hte AMD stock H/S's are something else. if you think it dosent work as good. maybe look at the Big Typhoon 120mm HSF from Thermaltake or the Scythe Ninja.

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    3200 Stock H/S fan

    im at 2.1 ghz on my 754 stock heasink from 1.6 that says something and i think the mobo i picked out for mr assassin will serve him well

    first expreice with asus so it should be a good one it comes in a combo with my new X800 and the combo price was cheaper than the open box version 29 bucks for a 79 dollar board and its retail YAY!

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    3200 Stock H/S fan

    asus suck on amd platforms ....

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    3200 Stock H/S fan

    I've had several Asus mobo with AMD processors and never had a lick of trouble and oc to the max. Made a believer out of me for AMD processors. Never have gone back to the I word.

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    3200 Stock H/S fan

    well we will see ill post when we get everything setup

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