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Thread: Upgrading Question...

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    Upgrading Question...

    I am in the process of building my new computer, and my first serious mod. However, I have to do this wisely, and only get one chance at not screwing up on my build.

    Here's my dilemna:

    Right now, I have an AMD Opteron 148 Skt 939 CAB2E CPU. No mobo, no RAM, nothing but the CPU. In June/July, AMD is releasing the AM2 chipset, which is a Skt 940 DDR2 supporting chipset. I'm planning on pouring about $2k into the build, and want to know if I should build now (ASUS A8N32-SLI, dual 7900 GT, 2x 500GB SATA-300, 2GB PC3200 Ballistix) or if I should wait until the new chipset. Here's where it gets more complicated:

    In June/July, the AM2 chipset will be released with new 90nm process CPUs. In November/December, the 65nm CPUs will be released, and frankly will pwn the 90nm CPUs. It's supposed to be like the Gigahertz wars of a few years ago. I don't mind waiting. If I do, I'll just sell the Opty and save that money towards the build. But if anyone has seen any benchmarks on the AM2 and 65nm chips and doesn't see a significant gain, then I'd rather not wait.

    Any suggestions would be great, it's the whole patience vs Moore's Law dilemna.

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    Upgrading Question...

    I see it like this.

    $ least $600 or more will go for the new CPU alone. They are always priced sky high when they first come out.

    Get the case you want to mod and mod it now. You don't need the hardware to mod the case.

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    Upgrading Question...

    Oh boy, does that mean the new chipset will pwninate the dual-core processor too by introducing a whole new chip??

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    Upgrading Question...

    65nm and triple and quad core chips should be out around the end of this year, according to my sources. Quad may be delayed until after Vista ships, but they will be production ready by the end of this year.

    I'm thinking the best option for now is Hybrid. I have an AGP graphics card, and a socket 939 cpu, so the ASROCK 939DUAL-SATA2 might be the way to go. It's a decent board and lets me upgrade to a PCI-E card later. Since June/July should be the early timeframe for the next graphics cards, the prices on X1900s and 7900s should come down significantly around then, making the patience a better investment.

    As for the case, AmericanFreak, I've been working on my mod for a month or so now. It's Project:Turbine over at CMG, and hopefully when it's done I'll have some nice pics of it up here. It was an Aerocool Jetmaster Jr, but it's been dremeled and jigsawed and sanded and bondo'd into something different. The front door is fused shut and the fan shroud for the front 120mm has been shrunk down and made less obtrusive. The front bezel has been a pain in the neck, but the rest of the case should go easily. Orange acrylic custom drive cages and motherboard tray, some fun electrical modding, and it should be finished.

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    Upgrading Question...

    ya i was talking to a guy from CMG about the Intel Crusoe chips. They should be out around May, but I'm getting my PC beginning of May. I don't care enough to spend 3 times the amount on the Crusoe than on an AMD Dualcore processor just for a 20% power increase.

    By the way, can't wait to see your tower! Sounds like a Defyant-style piece of work! 8-)

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    Upgrading Question...

    Since it's my first big mod, I don't want to be thought of along the lines of Defyant... that's sacreligious. It's getting most of my attention, though, so I'm hoping for something decent.

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