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    Question Modding a PSU

    Quick question to all my electrical engineers out there: I want to put a potentiometer (aka pot, aka variable resistor, aka rheostat) in line on one of the 12v rails of my PSU in order to crank the speed of my radiator fans down for whisper quiet operation when I can and crank them way up for heavy over clocking/gaming/benching. Would this cause any problems with the normal operation of the PSU (long term or otherwise)? I guess what I'm asking is, will adjusting the current draw on a 12v rail of a PSU while it's running damage anything???

    Edit: I have 6 fans in a push/pull configuration. I've already spec'd out the exact rheostat (got super lucky ) for the six fans I'm going to use (taking into account their collective current draw, wattage, etc.). The rheostat I found will drop all six fans to juuust above their lowest operable speed before completely stopping and raise them to their max speed no problem.

    Thanks in advance for all your input and insight.
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