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Thread: Old Style Radeon 9500

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    Old Style Radeon 9500

    When I ordered my ATI Radeon 9500 several yrs ago, I got lucky and received the first version which was really a cut back 9700. This gives me the chance of soft modding the 9500 back to the 9700. Turning on all 8 pipelines instead of having only 4. About 2 yrs later I found a Arctic Cooling Silencer on e-bay for $10.00 and that included shipping, so now I was on my way of doing some overclocking, that was my plan, but I didn't have any heatsinks for the memory chips so I haven't done any overclocking because I didn't want to burn the chips. Being a person to do things as cheap as possible I didn't want to spend more than I paid for the Arctic Cooler and I haven't found any heatsinks cheaper than the cooler. So today I went thru my junk box and found an old heatsink from a old cpu heatsink. So I got out the safety glasses and a hacksaw and cut my own.

    Next I mixed up my Arctic Silver 5 adhesive and applied it to the heatsinks and placed them on the memory chips. Now I can start seeing what this old card can do.

    This is the card that is in the computer that I was gaming with until I got Red Lantern running. I'll get some benchmarks on this card for you later. All comments and ideas are welcomed and Happy Modding to ya. :idea:

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    Old Style Radeon 9500

    So basically you have an old card you don't need anymore and you want to OC it till it "almost" catches on fire? Sounds like fun. Can't wait too see how high of an OC you get with it. :twisted:

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    Old Style Radeon 9500

    "Honey whats that smell?"

    "Oh nothing, just doing some benchmarking on the PC."

    "Should it be shooting out flames like that?"

    "Yeah, right....OH #$*& !!"

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    Old Style Radeon 9500

    I'll try real hard not to bake it. After all I'm using it to see my posting here. Ha Ha Love this site.

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