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Thread: V-Ranger Needed can we get a link!Awesome overclocking util

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    V-Ranger Needed can we get a link!Awesome overclocking util

    HI Guys

    Wanted to know if i can download this V-Ranger utility from biostar some where...tried their site no go.
    Let me know if any one can link me to the app...



    Biostar Simga-Gate and V-Ranger Overclocking Software

    The thing that separates the Biostar Sigma-Gate GeForce 7600GS from the competition is Biostar's unusually powerful overclocking software. Most of the time bundled in overclocking programs are pretty tame, but not this one. Don't let interesting graphical user interface fool you, Biostar has introduced overclocking options in this tool that have never before been available.

    The Biostar Sigma-Gate overclocking utility is difficult to use at first, mainly because the layout is so stylized that its hard to know what's important and what's just trimming.

    A description window opens every time you mouse over a button, or option, and that helps decode the iconography. It's a shame the Sigma-Gate's GUI is so poorly presented because Biostar really have put together a serious overclocking tool here. You'll have to trust me for now, we'll prove it in a moment.

    In the main window you'll find the overclocking options are limited to 'auto overclocking' or making simple 'core' or 'memory speed' adjustment, and running 3D tests to see if the settings are stable.

    The 3D test can be run internally, or on the display. After changes have been made, you can save overclocking setting profiles for later use.

    To open up the truly advanced videocard overclocking options that make this an incredibly powerful tool, click the purple target circle near the middle of the application. This will prompt a disclaimer that informs you of the potential hazards of using the tool, and you must agree to it before going forward.

    V-Ranger Advanced Overclocking Utility

    Biostar's V-Ranger overclocking software allows you to adjust the videocard core & memory clock speeds, the videocard GPU or memory voltages, and set temperature protection modes all from the comfort of your WindowsXP desktop. More specifically, the Biostar V-Ranger overclocking tool allows us to adjust the videocard GPU core clock speed from 400-800 MHz, in 1 MHz increments.

    Using a similar little slider tool, adjustments to the clock speed of the videocards' memory can be made in 1 MHz increments, from 1400-1680 MHz. Best of all, it permits us to change the Geforce 7600GS GPU voltage from anywhere between 0.977V to 1.381V (1.149V is the default value), and alter memory voltage from anywhere between 1.728V to 2.131V (1.823V is stock voltage).

    If the significance of this is lost on you, let's just say that until now there has never been a videocard overclocking tool which allowed GPU and memory clock speed and voltage adjustments to be made from the desktop.

    Every time you make an adjustment, V-Ranger reminds you to test it first by pressing the button with the up and down arrows. The internal test is brief, maybe a second at most. If the settings fail the test or lock up the computer, V-Ranger keeps note of what the last good setting was and loads this automatically upon startup so you can fix the problem.

    The Biostar V-Ranger tool is easier to use than the Sigma-Gate overclocker, and if you're really lucky you might run into a situation where the clock adjustment sliders max out... That's when it's necessary to go back to Sigma-Gate, since its clock speed options are broader.

    We'll go through the steps of overclocking the Biostar Sigma-Gate GeForce 7600GS videocard ourselves in the proceeding pages of this review.

    Compared to the mainstream overclocking applications that most enthusiasts use, the Biostar Sigma-Gate and V-Ranger are two very strong overclocking utilities.

    The V-Ranger in particular offers a powerful range of videocard overclocking controls, and this is something the big three videocard manufacturers should take note of. Biostar has dramatically increased the bar with this overclocking software, and I have to say, I haven't had this much fun overclocking a mainstream videocard in quite some time!

    In case you're wondering, Biostar's Sigma-Gate utility is compatible with other brands and models of nVIDIA videocards. The automatic overclocking feature even works quite well actually; it was able to push a GeForce 7800GTX and 7900GT videocard quite high but... well... read on.

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    V-Ranger Needed can we get a link!Awesome overclocking util

    does it work for Gigabyte's GeForce 7300 GT too?

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    V-Ranger Needed can we get a link!Awesome overclocking util

    I have been looking for this myself. I do not think that it has been added to any of their site for downloads and that you have to but the card to get it. I am sure that it will hit some where soon and everyone will be getting it.

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    V-Ranger Needed can we get a link!Awesome overclocking util

    I sent an email off too Biostar and got this reply...

    V-Ranger software, these are bundled with our new Nvidia VGA products that is currently in product and upcoming video cards. Current ones in the market have a overclocking utility already, but we never marketed it nor could we find the right name. It’s not much different from V-Ranger software. V-Ranger does have some additional upgrades from the original version. So far will be available only on the drivers CD. The Rvanger can work with previous Nvidia video cards and new and upcoming Nvidia chipset video cards. Can this utility work on other brands of video cards, that is possible, but I personally have not tried so I can’t give a definite answer. V-Ranger is a simple and VERY easy friendly utility for overclocking. Can this be classified as pure enthusiast utility, yes and no
    Hope this helps.

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    V-Ranger Needed can we get a link!Awesome overclocking util

    Well thanks for the reply ...but has any one landed this tool yet.

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    V-Ranger Needed can we get a link!Awesome overclocking util

    Ok I got the link guys


    So get it here quick..

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    V-Ranger Needed can we get a link!Awesome overclocking util

    From my testing this appears to be a Biostar video card only deal. It does not work completely with either of my XFX cards and will crash the system upon trying to achieve even a mild overclock.

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