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Thread: record player mod help

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    record player mod help

    hello everybody.

    i'm new to this whole computer building lark.

    here's the story.
    i got myself a new rig last october.
    i got my case for free (a very big chieftec dragon) the only thing is that its rediculously big and heavy.

    i want a new case and i'm toying with the idea of converting the shell of an old (1960's or 70's) record player.

    what i'm looking for is similar builds but like i said i'm new to this so i can't find any.

    if you could point me in the direction of anything you think might help it'd be greatly appreciated.

    any tips would too.

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    record player mod help

    can you show us some pictures?? would help a little bit yeno btw welcome to modders-inc woot!

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    record player mod help

    i suppose it would.

    i don't have any on hand but i'll post them tomorrow somethime.

    thnaks BTW

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    record player mod help

    this sounds pretty cool. but dont get yourself in over your head, there is a fair amount of work in converting anything over to a case.

    but definatly still post some pics

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    record player mod help


    i figured that.

    i have a friend who modded a guitar amp and didn't do it very well.
    so i have part of my "what not to do" list done already.

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    record player mod help

    This sounds like a good mod, cant wait to see if it all goes on, and hope it goes well!

    Like the others said pics would be a help, i will try find out some details on it when the pics have been posted

    Good Luck on your first mod.

    P.S Welcome to modders-inc, Probably the best modding site in the world!

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    record player mod help

    thanks m8.

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    record player mod help

    Welcome to MI. You'll have your work cut out for you with this mod that you have in mind. I did something similar in my mod Cash Box. It was a old Casio cash register, but I did it. Just take your time and if you have any questions just ask here. Again Welcome to MI and Happy Modding to ya.

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    record player mod help

    i have some ideas of how to do it already.

    i just have totake the record player apart first so she how it is inside.

    i had a look at your cashbox mod btw. it looks brilliant.

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    record player mod help

    Thank you. Remember one thing about this group of people, we love photos!! So keep the camera handy at all times when working on your project because you can rest assured you will be asked for photos. Happy Modding to ya.

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