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Thread: Enermax Galaxy 1000

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    Enermax Galaxy 1000

    Anyone using this power supply. I have always liked Enermax products but have never used one with their modular wire sets. I have looked around and have not seen any replacement or additional wires for sale. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places I guess .

    So two things, does this come with enough wires to setup a rig or did those that own it find they needed another couple of cable. Also where did you get the from and what are their cost.


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    Enermax Galaxy 1000

    Well Jon's review showed the Galaxy 1000 getting a nice score of 9. This I am sure is a little older than the current releases. I would like to see a couple of nice reviews first though.

    On the cabling, it all really depends on what hardware you plan to run and what the unit comes with stock. I have been using modular units for a couple of years now. I try to always go the modular route simply because it makes it nicer and easier to hide the wires in a modded case. I have not had a problem with not having enough wires for the system. I also don't run a fully loaded system. I always try to leave myself a little leeway for future upgrades. My situation is not the same as what yours would be though. I tend to change PSU's fairly often simply because I can.

    I would figure out what you want your base hardware setup and then see if the unit offers enough for that.

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