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Thread: NVIDIA 8600GTS Overclocking

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    NVIDIA 8600GTS Overclocking

    " The 8600GTS is about to come upon us. It turned out to be a huge surprise for the overclockers... 1GHz Core with just air-cooling!

    With 1.5v VGPU and 2.4v Memory, I broke 7K 3D Mark 2006 and 15K 3D Mark 2005, hitting well above 900MHz Core and 1200MHz Memory! CPU is X6800 lightly overclocked at 3.2GHz."

    965MHz Core, 1265MHz Memory :-

    1006MHz Core, 1265MHz Memory :-

    Link :-

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    NVIDIA 8600GTS Overclocking

    This card should be Sweeet when it comes out

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    NVIDIA 8600GTS Overclocking

    Ya, the 8600 GTS seems to be slightly better or equal to the 7950GT which we have today.

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