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Thread: New Look....Comments please

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    New Look....Comments please

    Well I have been bugging the crap out of Tazz about a different look to the site and he was able to come up with one that I like. We...err I was looking for a brighter theme with links across the top.

    So what do you guys think about it?

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    New Look....Comments please

    I refreshed the page and there it was? I thought it was domain redirect at first.... Looks good, Kind of like the default SubSilver - But Good... Better I think, Much Lighter...

    But finally a Logout button... WhooHoo

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    New Look....Comments please

    For a second there I thought I was on the wrong site but surely enough I wasn't.

    Anyhow I like the new look.

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    New Look....Comments please

    I could definatly get used to this . I really liked the red and black but this feels a bit more inviting to post on.

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    New Look....Comments please

    I like it alot actually.

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    New Look....Comments please

    It is easier to read, and I think it loaded a whole lot faster than the old one.

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    New Look....Comments please

    There are three versions of this theme. MI-Classi, MI-Classic-1280, and MI-Classic-Full. The MI-Classic (which is the one set as the default) is designed for 1024 res, the 1280 version is just a tad wider for the higher res guys, and the Full (although its not done yet will be for those wide screen guys that want full width).

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    New Look....Comments please

    To be honest I liked the old one better, but this does load faster.

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    New Look....Comments please

    Err mine is still all green, as usual

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    New Look....Comments please

    go to account settings and select one of the "MI classic" themes....

    I am going back to the green anyway...

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