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Thread: 680i problems with sound in SLI

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    680i problems with sound in SLI

    Has anyone bought a 680i and had problems with the sound in SLI? I have read one review talking about it but nothing else really and didn't know it that means it was fixed with the latest BIOS revisions or what.

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    680i problems with sound in SLI

    Strange. My only guess would be a driver issue(perhaps on mb cd)?

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    680i problems with sound in SLI

    Im still waiting for a review of the mew 680i Fatality to come out. It looks very good, and hopely has ironed out al the problems I have been reading about the orginal boards.

    Does any one own a 680i? How does it measure up? I want to get it becuase of the dual x16 PCI-e slots and the psyhics card link that it has. Its either that or a BAd Axe 2, but I don't see whats the big deal with the bad axe. All the ports on it are legacy and I want the newer ports.

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