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Thread: NVIDIA's Human Head Demo

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    NVIDIA's Human Head Demo

    [web] [/web]

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    NVIDIA's Human Head Demo

    Christ. That's insane. I wonder how it would ook if it actually moved though.

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    NVIDIA's Human Head Demo

    Wow. It makes me think about the future. The fifth law still amazes me. I wonder where I will be when the technilogical signularity will hit. (Basical thats fancy talk for when tecnology becomes so great that it creates artifical intellegence, simply due to its complexity.) Oh, did i mention thats going to be around 2025 ish? Also for thouse who don't know the fifth law says that technology will double in porcessing power every 18 months. So far, this has been on track. Now, imagine my friends in four years from now, that the quad cores will become x16 cores, and soon after that, only six years later, 256 cores on a single die. In ten years its going to be scary. Buckle up for the future! Honk honk!

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