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Fractal Design Torrent Case Review

High Airflow with Great Style

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A Closer Look at Fractal Torrent White TG

The case is very white. I would even call it Pure White. It is white from every angle with an exception of the internal fans and cable routing grommets. The left panel features a 3mm tempered glass door and the right panel is made from rolled steel.

The front bezel of the case is made out of light plastic and is very impressive in design. The back of the case is made from the rolled steel sheet and is very well ventilated. Pretty much the entire back of the Torrent case has honeycomb holes in it. The power supply mounts, in this case, are on the top of the case vs the traditional bottom mounting. Will this be a trend of going back to the old PC case designs?

The bottom of the case is open as well and you can clearly see the filter and the internal fan bracket. The top bezel can be easily removed to gain access to the Power Supply storage space. The Bezel is made of the same plastic material as the front of the case.

The base of the Torrent is supported by two plastic feet that have glued rubber strips on them. The case is very stable on the flat surface so you should not worry about it tipping.

The left and right side panels have matching white color. The left panel is a 3mm tempered glass panel that has a little bit of a tint to it. The right side panel is made from rolled sheet steel.


The panels lock in place via small tool-less locking pins. If I am not mistaken the pins are made from plastic but they feel pretty strong and should last a long time. To open the panel you can pull on the small tabs that will gently release the panel.

The top panel has IO connections and a power button. There are two HD Audio jacks, two USB 3.0 connectors, one USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector, and a reset button. The top bezel has a honeycomb texture on the inside, making the bezel very light but sturdy.

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