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Fractal Design Torrent Case Review

High Airflow with Great Style

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A Closer Look Continued

Torrent comes with five fans pre-installed, three Dynamic X2 GP-14 PWM, and two Dynamic X2 GP-18 PWM fans. The GP-14 fans are installed on the bottom of the case and the GP-18 fans are installed in the front of the case.

The front bezel is removable as well and the air filter could be easily removed so it can be cleaned. The filter is made from plastic and has a similar pattern as the bezel.

The top of the case is interestingly split into two sections. One section is where the PSU is being mounted and the other could be used for tubing for cooling or routing cables. There is no shortage of grommets here in fact there are so many that you will not be having any issues making this case look clean.

The motherboard CPU cutout window is large. This makes maintenance of the CPU and CPU cooler a breeze. There are seven PCI slots so you can fit pretty much anything here with ease.

The skeleton of Torrent is very strong. Corners of the case are reinforced by a single rivet. Cable management in this case could be managed by included Velcro strips and zip ties. Torrent has six spaces where you could mount four 2.5′ and two 3.5′ drives. If you are not going to be needing these cages, they could be easily removed to make this case a little bit lighter. The case itself weighs 26LB or 13KG so any weight you can shave off would be beneficial.


One of the features of the Torrent is the included fan hub, controller board. Since there are multiple fans in this case it makes sense to have a small hub here to help the management of the cables and fans. The RGB aspect of this case is the small LED strip that is mounted on the side of the case. This case supports ARGB connections on the motherboard.

If you not planning to have much cooling in the system then you can remove the bottom fan tray. You can also use this tray to install a radiator if you choose. The bottom air filter can be removed too when needed by removing the front bezel and pulling the filter out.

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