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On Sept.14th, 2018, a Category 1 hurricane destroyed parts of coastal North and South Carolina. The storm surge flooding wiped away lives, destroyed houses, and ripped apart anything standing in its watery way. While many were in safety inland, or in other states… I could not help but feel for those poor souls that were left with nothing. What if your house was wiped out? Flooded with 5.5 – 6 feet of storm surge water? Everything you have is now under water. Pictures, clothes, furniture, and your trusty computer. For many, this is the reality they are now dealing with. Everything is gone. Digital and physical alike, floods make no distinctions. Water is the enemy of electrical components, and a flood will simply ruin everything.

As I sat in my dry house, looking at the many blessings I have in my life, I began to think:
“What can I do? What can we do?”
“What can I organize to make a difference?”

“What can *we* do?” That was a very liberating thought.

Then it occurred to me, gamers will be missing their rigs! Those wonderful contraptions that transport us to other worlds, and give us a brief respite from our daily grind… except in this case, the daily grind is the arduous task of putting your life back together. For those that have computers, they are life savers. You can purchase and have items delivered, you can research and know proper answers, you can game, and have a little fun in the midst of all of the insanity around you.

I imagined how much kids, who have so little to go on early in their lives, were straining under the weight of the loss of their computer. I thought of the adults that are doing what they can on their smartphones, but could get “so much more done on a computer”. To all of them that were thrillists and escapists using their circuits to travel to far away places…. far away from the destruction they see every day… if only they could get away, if even for a few short jaunts…

How to find impacted people

I thought about the shelters for families, those on the run from an abusive spouse… or the cool off rooms that are sometimes in police or fire stations. Safe places where kids can go and relax knowing they are safe.
How many of those have been affected?
How many machines have been lost?
How many people have been unable to let off some pressure, with a little gaming?

Then it was cemented when one of my Destiny 2 clanmates spoke on our Discord server about losing everything. That was it. I had to find a way to do something, but what that something was seemed daunting. Almost laughable. Millions impacted, Thousands in need… and me, with a couple of computers? But to those couple of people/families/entities, they would be invaluable.

“I need to find a way to replace some of those lost gaming rigs. I need to build machines that will be able to be used to bring a person back into the gaming world. I can’t replace their software, they will have to do that. But I have enough contacts over the years to put machines together! I can piece them together! But how many can I do? So I set the number at 10. 10 complete machines. If I can do more, I will, but 10 seemed to be a reasonable number for a lone builder to shoot for.

I have time on my side too. This disaster is slow moving. Because the flood waters are still receding in many places, they are still in peril. 2 weeks after this storm made landfall (writing this on 9/28), the flooding is still happening. Water that was pushed inland by the pressure of the hurricane, is now draining out. Some people came back after the hurricane only to have what little they had, washed away by the secondary floods. When I say I have time, I mean that these machines will need to be delivered when the recipient has a safe place to stay, electricity, broadband, etc. that is going to be weeks… months even.

There is no HURRY on this…
G4G Timelines

My plan, in its most rudimentary form, is to build replacement gaming computers for individuals and agencies, that lost these assets in the hurricane and/or flooding.

This is the area we are focusing on, right at the North Carolina and South Carolina borders where the states meet at the ocean

Florence worst affected regions


Who all has signed on?
I am so very thankful to the early adopters of this crazy idea of mine! These vendors are all on board with the premise, and have donated, or plan on donating to the cause. Without these early adopters and supporters, this would be a very difficult task to get off of the ground.
Gamers4Gamers participants list

Thank you!

As the parts arrive I will begin banner creation and sponsorship posts. For the grid below, please scroll to the right to see the parts status on all 10 machines. Vendors, please reference the below table so as to ensure minimal overlap:

Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Comp 4 Comp 5 Comp 6 Comp 7 Comp 8 Comp 9 Comp 10
Case x x x x x 5/10 Cases
Power supply 0/10 Power supplies
Motherboard 0/10 motherboards
Processor 0/10 processors
CPU Cooler x x x x x x 6/10 CPU Coolers
Memory 0/10 memory
Storage 0/10 Hard drives
Video card 0/10 Video Cards
Fans x x 2/10 Fans
Monitor 0/10 monitors
Keyboard x x x 3/10 keyboards
Mouse x x 2/10 mouse
Headset x x x 3/10 headset


The goal is to have as many vendors as possible so that no one vendor shoulders the load. I am trying to gather the following items for delivery:
Gamers4Gamers 1G4G Legal

If you can participate/donate, I appreciate any and all help.

G4G Lets get to work

Let’s do this,

-=Craig Tate

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