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It has been much more challenging to find partners in the areas affected. I realized that maybe my focus was too specific and difficult to target. So I altered my scope to look for kids and families in need of computer resources in the affected, instead specifically for gamers, and I am excited to say I have found an ally for this charitable outlet. Coastal Horizons Center, of Wilmington, NC. Working with their CIO, we have identified families and children in need of these resources!

We have identified 6 people/families that need this relief:

  1. 4 families in need
    • Family 1: family of 6; client is 13, limited financial resources, client has been sitting in in-school-suspension (ISS) because she does not have a computer at home to complete school projects (sounds unbelievable, but true).
    • Family 2: family with 5 children, ranging from 5-15 years old (4 of these children are clients), limited financial resources; lost beds, furniture, roof during hurricane (we found a resource that provided beds for them and worked on their roof), living in Wallace, needing computer mostly for school projects and homework.
    • Family 3: family of 3 children; client is 16, limited financial resources, lost everything in the hurricane, will be moving into their own home in Feb.
    • Family 4: family of 2 children; client is 8, limited financial resources, in the process of repairing their trailer, (we connected them with resources in the community to provide clothing and cleaning supplies)
  1. Coastal Horizons Employee from one of our rural locations
    • have an employee who was hit particularly hard and had to relocate from her home. I also know she does not have a computer at home, so this would make a world of difference for her.
  2. Client from our Wilmington Office
    • Client with horrible living conditions and wants to move but says she needs to sell many of her things first. She has mentioned many times to her therapist that she needs a way to post things online.


As noted in the chart on the previous page, We are still lacking core components. However, with the broadening of the scope, many of the computers have become more general purpose, rather than gaming machines, which should make producing them easier. Simplicity and reliability will be key.

Main things in need of now are motherboards/processors/RAM/SSD’s for 6 machines

Keyboards and mice for 3 machines

Monitors for 6 machines

We have the ability to make a difference in peoples lives with what we know and what we do. We have targets, we have a verified distribution outlet, and we have a tangible goal number that is reachable. I will be reaching out to people to complete the build parts list topo make this mission a reality. Lets give people something to feel good about, something to help themselves with. I thank you for your generosity and support as we help those who currently are doing without.


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