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Final Thoughts

The Lexar’s ARES RAM kit is designed to be used by Gamers and Content Creators. The RGB functions of the kit are very cool and highly customizable. What I liked in this kit is the ability to sync up the RGB to the motherboard and other devices in my system. If you like RGB and looking for a good set of RAM modules then ARES might be a good pick. The ARES can be purchased in White and Black modules, so you can choose between these two colors to match your build. What I do find odd is that ARES only comes in a 16GB capacity. So if you looking for a higher capacity kit, look elsewhere. For example, Hades RGB by Lexar comes in 32,16,16 kits and 8GB modules.

Lexar ARES

Overclocking the Lexar DDR4 ARES Memory and pushing RAM speeds higher made my system crash and unstable. From what I saw from the benchmarks is that the Lexar ARES DDR4 Memory is extremely stable, at stock settings, but not easily overclockable. I tried to push the Lexar ARES DDR4 Memory for better timings but with very little positive change. Recently Lexar has announced ARES in a DDR5 format and I am curious if the overclocking ability of the new generation would be better. Currently, ARES RGB DDR4 is priced at about $110 USD and I strongly feel that it is a good price point for this kit for someone that wants a stable system and is not concerned about overclocking.

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