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Logitech Z4 2.1 Speakers

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     So, how does the unit sound? Well, the first thing I did in trying the combo out was crank the volume and bass and play a few tracks from some of the hardest-sounding bands on my playlist: System of a Down, Rise Against and Redfield. The sound of the unit is surprisingly big and of high quality, despite the small size of the speakers and the subwoofer — the latter being perhaps the biggest surprise of all. It’s got a lot of power for being a 23 watt woofer at a compact size of roughly nine inches cubed. It’ll handle all the rapid bass lines of your favorite punk, metal or rock bands with no delay or clashing against the clarity of the two speakers. The best thing about it is the fact that it compliments the speakers nicely, without being overbearing or producing unwanted side effects such as rattling noises or a complete drowning out of the treble from the speakers at high settings. The speakers themselves are crisp, clear, and even at full volume suffer no distortion or crackling. Each has one active and two pressure drivers, which give them a really deep, rich sound.

     In dealing with games, the speakers continued to impress. They handle dynamic sounds featured in games like the Splinter Cell series very well. Sound shifts from one speaker to the next very seamlessly. Sneaking around as Sam Fisher, I was able to react to noises all around me just as quickly as if I were wearing a pair of good headphones with no distracting outside noise. When put to the test against a few rounds of Call of Duty, the Z4 speaker combo passed with flying colors. The explosions from grenades, gunfire and chatter of soldiers in the foreground, as well as the ambient noises of warplanes flying overhead, tank rounds being fired off and the booms of distant explosions all came through crystal clear, simultaneously. You won’t get the same height of immersion you would from a 5.1 speaker system – nor should you expect to – but for being a 2.1 combo, the effect of the z4 is very good.

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