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Dewyane began in the case modding scene when it was just starting out many years ago. He has created works for the likes of Cooler Master, ASUS, CPU Magazine, Razer, Zotac and more.

Help Design a Future Fractal Design Case


I have heard it too many times over the years of people saying “Why did they build it like this? If they would ask me I would have told them…”. Stop you whining and tell a manufacture what you think! This is your chance to ...

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Podcast #35 – Can You Handle the Truth?


The times and adventures of a bunch of guys that have nothing better to do than to keep you informed about computer hardware and computer case modding. During this podcast we talk about what judges look at when judging a case mod contest. We take ...

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Introduction to Computer Power Supply Sleeving Tools


For those of you that want to take your case mod to the next level you will need to make sure that you wiring is the best it can be. There are different ways to get the end results but you need to make sure ...

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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX SE Case Review

Phanteks Enthoo Evlov SE White

Phanteks has decided to add some color to one of their popular series of cases and has branded it as a Special Edition. The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX SE Case that we will be looking at has all the familiar traits of the a the ...

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New Modding Store To Get Your Mod On


New in town is a modding store from some of the people you may already know from FrozenPC. It looks like they are working their way back into the scene and will continue the great service and products that were once offered. They have a ...

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MSI GTX 950 Graphics Cards


MSI is pleased to announce the latest additions to its next generation GAMING graphics cards lineup. The new MSI GTX 950 graphics cards are powered by NVIDIA’s latest GM206 Maxwell GPU, which fully supports the new DirectX 12 that comes with Windows 10. The MSI ...

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ASRock Z170 OC Formula Setting More Overclocking Records

ASRock Z170 OC Formula overclocking record

Following a memory clock world record in early August, ASRock Z170 OC Formula is currently on a winning frenzy, setting three more records with its undefeatable performance. SPLAVE.ROM scored 1908 marks on the 4x Intel XTU benchmark placing him on top of the ranking list. ...

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MAINGEAR Shift Case Review


With the busy world we live in sometimes there is not enough time to do the things we would like to do. There are also those that might not have the resources to create something out of the ordinary. This is were MAINGEAR comes in ...

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Thermaltake Core X1 ITX Computer Case Video Overview

Themaltake Core X1

Modders-Inc takes a quick look at the Thermaltake Core X1 computer case. This is the case that we used for our staff vs staff contest for QuakeCon 2015. Being small and versatile made it perfect for the contest so that each staff member could create ...

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Tek Syndicate stops by the Modders-Inc booth at QuakeCon 2015


It was a blast to have the Tek Syndicate guys come by the Modders-Inc booth at QuakeCon 2015. Their style of humor and getting you the information makes their videos fun to watch. Tek Syndicate walks you through the booth and highlights the Fallout case ...

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