AVADirect Section 9 System Overview

At CES 2019 we went to visit the Alphacool suite and there we saw a pretty sweet looking system that displays a whole bunch of Alphacool’s products. This is not…

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ECS (Elitegroup) is no stranger to the mini PC biz. My first experience with an ECS mini PC was the Intel Bay Trail SoC-based LIVA Bat-Mini, which was called “the…

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Axiom TS Mini PC with Raven Ridge

AMD has finally brought Zen CPUs and Vega graphics together on the AM4 socket in the form of new Raven Ridge APUs.  One of the first systems you’ll be able to…

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ECS LIVA Z Mini-PC Review: Efficiency Still Matters

It is almost two years ago now when the ECS Liva X was reviewed here at Modders-Inc, showing what a PC that is only about the same volume as a…

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ECS LIVA X Mini-PC Review: Efficiency Matters

There are many things that seem like a good idea in theory and looks good on paper but ends up being a disappointment and a failure when applied in the…

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MSI Nightblade Barebone System Review

  Remember the days when going to a LAN party you had to load up your heavy steel case, the IBM mechanical keyboard and that massive 17 inch CRT monitor.…

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Gigabyte P2742G Gaming Laptop

Being a gamer as well as a tech junkie, I have always longed for the ability to game on the road. I tend to travel quite a bit for both…

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Gigabyte S1082 Windows 8 Slate Review

 In my lifetime, I have watched many things change in the technology market. When I was a kid computers were the size of a small suitcase, and now there is…

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Asus ZenBook UX31E Ultrabook – Video Review

Introduction Finally the Ultrabook is becoming more available and affordable to us all. But with that you now will have the challenge to figure out which one is right for…

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