Modder’s Materials

3M Red Reflective Tape Review

I was browsing a local garage sale when I spotted a roll of 3M Scotchlite Red Reflective Tape. Marked at the bargain price of just 25 cents, I was curious…

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Silverstone SST-SF02 Noise Absorbing Foam Review

When the topic of modding is brought up, LED’s, paint and other cosmetic accessories often come to mind. There are times however, when modding serves a practical, functional purpose rather…

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Teleios Sleeving Overview

Perfect, (a) complete in all its parts, (b) full grown, of full age. Named after the Greek word meaning “mature”, Teleios is the signature brand of sleeving offered by Mainframe…

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MDPC-X Sleeving Overview

I must ask you a question, but I will sleeve it for later. It seems case modding just keeps evolving and the bar is constantly rising for features that set…

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Acrylic: A Case Modder’s Material

Panel, panel on the wall who is the fairest acrylic of them all? Acrylic is possibly the most versatile material used in case modding. Not only can it be used…

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