Intel Ivy Bridge-E Core i7-4960X IPC and OCing Review -HARDOCP

The Ivy Bridge-E will replace Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E product, and this new processor will represent a new 6-core Ivy Bridge architecture and a drop to a 22nm process technology. The new processor will fit snugly on the LGA 2011 socket which was introduced with the Sandy Bridge-E part back in November of 2011. While we know that enthusiasts gripe most about socket changes, the LGA 2011 socket probably points out that not much has changed with the new Core i7-4960X. Interestingly Intel makes no notes of ticks and tocks any more in its propaganda this time around.

via HARDOCP – Intel Ivy Bridge-E Slide Deck – Intel Ivy Bridge-E Core i7-4960X IPC and OCing Review .


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