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Please take few minutes and look at the Modders-Inc Youtube videos that have made for hardware reviews, unboxing, case modding how to, and events we attend. Are the Modders-Inc videos movie studio quality, hell no, but what we try our hardest is show you the real side of of what we are talking about. We will take you along on our travels to events like QuakeCon, CES, Computex, case mod contest and others. Even through we enjoy the written reviews we know that others like the video style so we have those too. Sometimes it is better to show someone how to do something then trying to tell them. This is the reason we are continuously adding case modding how-to videos to our catalog.

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Cougar Attack X3 RGB Speedy Gaming Keyboard
Cougar has updated their line of Attack X3 mechanical keyboards...
Modders-Think Podcast 3-13-18 Episode #01
We discuss the state of DIY PC building in 2018....
Computer Upgrade King Stratos Mid-Tower PC Case
The Stratos from Computer Upgrade King sports a unique look,...
Axiom TS Mini PC with AMD Raven Ridge!
One of the first computers you'll be able to buy...
Cooler Master MasterBox Q300P Review
At CES 2018, Cooler Master introduced us to the new...
Raijintek THETIS Classic Window ATX Case
Raijintek is not a highly known name in the US...

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That is right! Modders-Inc has it’s very own twitch channel that we use to do all sorts of things. We used it to stream the 24 hours of Le Mods from QuakeCon,, when we are out in the workshops and want to show off handy skills with our tools when working on case mods. We will be looking to bring more exciting stuff to you in the near future so please subscribe to our twitch channel and enjoy the show. If you have any suggestion for what you would like to see please drop a note in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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