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Silverstone Introduces New Raven Z SFF Case with ATX PSU Support


Silverstone has been focused on compact form factors for cases for the past few years and the iconic Raven line has taken on a much slimmer shape as well compared to the earlier models that featured a 90 degree ATX motherboard layout. Silverstone’s Raven and …

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BLACKROOM: A new game from id Software co-founders


With all the talk of the new DOOM game it is only right that two of the original creators of the ever popular and PC gaming game changer have announced that they are making a new FPS (First Person Shooter).  Taken from the BLACKROOM Kickstarter page, …

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The PC version of DOOM will have a comprehensive set of advanced game and rendering options


DOOM on PC I am sure that most of you tried out the Open Beta of the new DOOM game by id/Bethesda. Before I go any further please think about the one word that was said Beta (a nearly complete prototype of a product). do …

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Gigabyte @ PAX East Boston 2016


This year at PAX East, Gigabyte is pushing hard on their laptop and mobile gaming equipment to accommodate a wide range of user/gamers. I had a privilege to meet up with Peter Liu (Account Manager) and chat about their gaming laptops and their hardware. The …

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PAX East 2016 @ Boston, MA: Image Gallery


This year PAX East 2016 has been bigger than ever. I had an opportunity to go to PAX East in Boston this year and let me tell you, the experience was just as big as my previous years at PAX. As you can imagine, lots …

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Lian Li’s Computer Desk Line Now has Standing Desk DK-04

Lian Li dk4-a-00

Lian Li has expanded their desk line to include a new standing desk option: The DK-04. Many offices have been adopting a standing option for computer usage, which some have argued is ultimately healthier for the posture than sitting down for hours at a time. …

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Biostar Adds B150S5 to Hi-Fi Motherboard Lineup

Biostar Hi-Fi B150S5

Although Biostar lately has been focused on their high-end “Racing” series motherboards but they have not forgotten about their Hi-Fi line which now gets an additional option in the form of the micro-ATX B150S5. Obvious from the name, the B150S5 uses Intel’s B150 chipset and …

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AMD FX 8350 and FX 6350 CPUs Now Bundled with Wraith Cooler

AMD FX 8350 with Wraith CPU Cooler

Still chugging along and now almost half a decade old, AMD’s high-end FX processors are still very much in play with leading motherboard makers Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock actually offering updated 900-series chipset platforms that include USB 3.1 Type-C and M.2 connectors via third-party solutions. …

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Thermaltake Announces Project “The Tower” Design Collaboration with Watermod France

Thermaltake mod Tower by Mathieu Heredia

Thermaltake has been inspired by top modder Mathieu Heredia’s entry for the Thermaltake Casemod Invitational 2015 Season 2 and will soon be producing a case based on a similar design. Mathieu now joins other top modders such as Bill Owen and Craig Brugger who have …

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HARNESS THE POWER OF GAMING MSI Computer Corp, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, is excited to launch a new, strong and sophisticated gaming desktop generation: the MSI Aegis Barebone PC. Designed from scratch and built to be the ultimate weapon and shield …

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