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Review of Speck DuraFolio for iPad AirTestfreaks The BlogTestfreaks The Blog

Speck has been making accessories for iPhones and iPads since the inception of those devices. During this time we at TestFreaks have had the opportunity to review many of their products. Today we will be looking at the DuraFolio for iPad Air which seems to be a fusion of numerous excellent ideas that Speck have implemented into an incredibly well ... Read More »

Be Quiet! Shadow Rock Slim CPU Cooler Review

A few days back a good friend of mine decided to build a brand new system purely for HTPC use featuring one of the latest 4770k CPUs by Intel so when the time came for him to decide on a CPU Cooler we turned to me and the end result was him choosing the Antec Kuhler H2O 650 since he ... Read More »

AMD A10-7850K Kaveri

Over the past few years AMD has invested most of their efforts into their APU line. This has paid off for them in the way of performance improvements every launch and even more importantly this focus helped them score all three of this generations gaming consoles. Considering how many of the PC games that we play today are ports from ... Read More »

BitFenix Comrade Mid-Tower Case Review BitFenix Comrade 716779444834, 8602700333, BFC-COM-100-WWXS1-RP, BitFenix, Comrade

The BitFenix Comrade Mid-Tower case is the latest case out of BitFenix, a manufacturer known for building high quality cases such as the Colossus Full-Tower and Prodigy Mini-ATX and ITX cases. The Comrade is BitFenix’s attempt to enter the budget case market with a case that possesses a number of features generally expected in more expensive cases, such as removable ... Read More »

Kingston SDXC UHS-I U3 64GB Review | APH Networks

Are numbers important? The way I see it, sometimes, you will just have to go and ask her for it assertively. As Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” No wait… that is not the number I am talking about. So let’s start this paragraph over again. Are numbers important? Of course ... Read More »

VisionTek Announces Limited Edition CryoVenom Liquid Cooled Graphics Bundle


VisionTek Expands Liquid Cooled CryoVenom R9 290 Graphics Card Line With New Limited Edition Model Created specifically for hardcore gamers, limited availability bundle with laser etched wooden crate, t-shirt, and Battlefield 4 included with “the quietest, coolest, and fastest” AMD GPU Special “income tax refund” promotion offers up to $32.50 savings on CryoVenom line VisionTek Products LLC, announced it has ... Read More »

Antec TruePower Classic 550W Power Supply Unit Review

AMD just recently launched their flagship R9 295×2 mGPU graphics card which requires no less than a massive (for a single graphics card) 1000W power supply unit to efficiently run in most high end systems. Same goes for the GeForce Titan Ti by NVIDIA which is although less power hungry it still requires a good 750-800W PSU. Because of that ... Read More »

CM Storm Reaper Laser Gaming Mouse Review | Hardware BBQ

Coolermaster sent their mouse from the aluminium series: Reaper. CM Storm Reaper is designed for palm users with aluminum on the mouse for the wrist and rubberized coat on the buttons and the side grips. The mouse has a very premium feel and obviously made to stand out in comparison with other mouse, so we’ll get to see how good ... Read More »