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Gamdias HADES Extension Mouse Review –

In 2014 we have seen a number of products from Gamdias, starting with the Eros headset and Zeus mouse and more recently the Hephaestus headset. On each occasion we have found Gamdias to have produced some interesting products which were worthy of any shortlist for those looking at new peripherals. Today we review the Gamdias HADES Extension which is a ... Read More »

[M] Thecus N2310 Soho/Home NAS Server Review

This time we will review an entry-level NAS from Thecus, with an AMCC APM 86491 800MHz processor which is paired with 512MB of DDR3. The device works on the latest ThecusOS version and for storage expansion we have two USB ports, one of which is 2.0 and the other USB 3.0. via [M] Thecus N2310 Soho/Home NAS Server Review. Read More »

ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review Ryos MK Pro 4250288123564, Gaming, Greg Schepers, Keyboard, Mechanical, Review, ROC-12-851 BK, ROCCAT, Ryos MK Pro

ROCCAT is certainly not a newcomer to providing peripherals to gamers; they’ve produced many models of gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and even gaming laptops. It is the innovators, like the people at ROCCAT, that continue to keep PC gaming more than merely relevant, and Benchmark reviews is proud to bring you this review of ROCCAT’s first mechanical keyboard; the ROCCAT ... Read More »

Raijintek Pallas Low Profile Heatsink Review | Hardware Asylum

When shopping for a low profile cooler you begin to realize a few things. First most low profile coolers are not really that low and either require a tall fan or come with tall fins. Second, the cooling capacity of such a coolers is often proportional to how tall it is. Third, given the first two conditions the low profile ... Read More »

Review: Angelbird SSD wrk 512GB | Custom PC Review

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the SSD market consolidate quite a bit with numerous 3rd party SSD vendors exiting the market due to shrinking margins or difficulty in acquiring NAND. Because of this, we’re left with a number of SSD vendors who are either huge companies with large OEM accounts or smaller, newer players with unique products that ... Read More »

Corsair RM Series 1000 W Review | techPowerUp

Corsair RM Series 1000 W Review | techPowerUp

Most users nowadays look for good performance along with a very silent operation, which is a really hard find in, especially, high-capacity PSUs. Corsair’s response to the scarcity of silent units was the RM series which currently includes six members with capacities ranging from 450 W to 1000 W. We have already tested three RM units 650, 750, and 850 ... Read More »

SilverStone SFX SX600-G – SilverStone SFX SX600-G 600W Power Supply Review

HARDOCP - SilverStone SFX SX600-G - SilverStone SFX SX600-G 600W Power Supply Review

Over the years, we have reviewed a large number of standard ATX/EPS power supplies. We have, however, reviewed just a few other form-factor power supplies like Auxiliary power supplies, TFX power supplies, redundant power supplies, and SFX power supplies. Today, SilverStone is back with another one of these slightly less common in the enthusiast realm form-factors with its SX600-G, which ... Read More »

Review of Satechi Smart Travel Router | Testfreaks The Blog

When someone thinks of a router they think of that rather large box with antennas that connects to your network for internet access, at least I do, but technology let’s us make things smaller and smaller. Today for review I’ve got the Satechi Smart Travel Router and it’s small, can easily fit in your hand and since it’s small you ... Read More »

XTracGear Carbonic Review (Page 1 of 4) | APH Networks

Recently, I was contacted by one of my friends to go to see the latest Marvel hit, “Guardians of the Galaxy” (On a side note, there seems to be a lot of Marvel appearing in my review introductions, but trust me, this was not planned). If you know me, I generally do not actually enjoy going to the theaters, because ... Read More »