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Tesoro Announces the Thyrsus Optical Mouse with Six Thumb Buttons


MMO and MOBA enthusiasts who want to keep their APM high and their win-loss ratio great are always looking to get the edge over their opponents so peripheral manufacturer Tesoro has created the new Thyrsus optical mice for exactly this scenario. With six programmable thumb ...

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MAINGEAR with Radeon Fury X Graphics Now Available


Award-winning New Jersey-based system integrator MAINGEAR now offers AMD’s Radeon Fury X video card in their systems, including their popular SHIFT PC. The Radeon Fury X utilizes new HBM technology, allowing for a smaller PCB footprint and higher bandwidth compared to GDDR5, making the Fury ...

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ECS President Dispels Rumours of Motherboard Market Exit


ECS President Sunny Yang rebuked rumours of the company’s pulling out of the motherboard DIY business in a letter sent to media outlets shortly after online publication DigiTimes published a news item stating that ECS will move out of the DIY space to focus on ...

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BIOSTAR Releases $69 N3150NH Quad-Core Embedded Mini-ITX Board

biostar (2)

Measuring in at only 17x17cm, BIOSTAR’s N3150NH manages to pack an Intel N3150 1.6GHz Quad-Core processor that can turbo up to 2.08GHz, a PCI-E 2.0 expansion slot, a Gigabit LAN controller and upgradeable DDR3L support for up to 8GB of 1600MHz or 16GB of 1066MHz. ...

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Deepcool Introduces Two New ITX Case Concepts with GPU Showcase Design


Deepcool has been flexing their design muscles hard lately with two exciting ITX case prototypes for those wishing to showcase their video card. As if their unique Tri-Stellar enclosure was not enough, Deepcool is delving further into the ITX realm with the new Nephrite case ...

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Lian Li Expands Desk Lineup with DK-Q2 and DK-03 Desk Chassis


Known for their aluminum chassis and more recently for their desk enclosures, Lian Li has updated their design to conform with user ergonomic demands. The single-system DK-Q2 and dual-system DK-03 table tops now provide considerably more legroom than the initial desk designs. Both table top ...

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ASRock is Looking to Revolutionize the Mini-PC with new Beebox NUC

Beebox Gold

In my recent review of the ECS LIVA X mini-PC, one thing became clear when trying to decode HEVC/H.265 videos– requirements for processing playback are a lot steeper than what the single-channel memory N2808 SoC provides.  ASRock noticed the same thing so when they started ...

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NETGEAR Introduces Nighthawk AC1900 Modem Router


You may have the latest CPU or the most powerful graphics card currently available with the fastest solid state drive but if network speed is an afterthought for you then this is a bottleneck you are overlooking. As an all-in-one solution as both a modem ...

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Vuzix New iWear Video Headphones Now Available for Pre-Order


VR gaming is not only the hottest tech in gaming but it seems to be getting better traction among enthusiasts compared to when “3D” was being pushed to consumers a few years ago. Manufacturers such as Vuzix have jumped on this opportunity and have developed ...

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Super Talent Express DRAM Disk: More than a USB 3.0 Flash Drive

USB 3.0 DramDisk

Using the same form factor and looking exactly like just another USB 3.0 drive, the Express DRAM Disk is capable of ridiculous 4041MB/s sequential reads and 5388MB/s sequential writes. That is not a typo, that is because this is not a regular thumb drive at ...

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