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Awesome 360-Degree 4K Video of Crytek’s ‘The Climb’ Rock Climbing VR Simulator


For most people, rock climbing can be filed under “nope” but with the latest virtual reality technology and Crytek’s CRYENGINE, gamers can experience the exhilarating experience first hand with “The Climb”.  A 4K 360-degree video has been posted on The Climb’s YouTube channel giving users …

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AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1


AMD has released an update to their Radeon Software Crimson drivers, bringing the latest version up to version 16.4.1. The update extends support for Quantum Break, up to 35% on R9 FuryX compared to driver version 16.3.2.  The latest update also adds official support for …

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Patriot Upgrades Viper V560 Mouse Software


Value can be added to a product after it has been released in the form of firmware and software updates and that is exactly what Patriot Memory has done with the new V560 upgrade software. Usually firmware/software updates are essentially applied as fixes to previously …

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FinalWire Updates AIDA64 to Version v5.60, Adds AMD Zen CPU Support


FinalWire’s AIDA64 is an all-in-one software suite that is extensively used here at Modders-Inc for our motherboard, CPU and RAM benchmarking as well CPU cooler stress testing. The latest update brings AIDA64 up to version v5.60 and includes preliminary support for upcoming AMD Zen Raven …

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AMD Releases Radeon Crimson 15.11.1 Update Hotfix


A major driver-level fan-control issue was found on AMD’s last Crimson 15.11 update that required a prompt fixing due to many users claiming the issue resulted in damaged cards due to overheating. While tech news outlets did not discover the issue despite several “deep dive” …

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Sapphire TriXX 5.2.1 Now Supports HBM Overclocking


Sapphire Technologies’ in-house utility Sapphire TriXX has been updated to version 5.2.1 bringing some very interesting features for 300 series and Radeon Fury video card users. Those that want to squeeze higher overclocks now have the ability to overvolt both 300 series and Fury series …

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R.I.P. Catalyst Control Center, Long Live Radeon Settings


Good news for fans of the red team, AMD has finally announced a massive revamping of their Catalyst Control Center software. The upcoming update will be called, simply enough, Radeon Settings Crimson Edition. The preview of what the main window will look like can be …

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AMD Catalyst 15.10 BETA Driver Now Available


AMD has faced criticism for their infrequent driver releases for the past year but it looks like they have now kicked in to overdrive and has released another beta update in version 15.10. This time, the update adds support and optimizations for Ashes of Singularity …

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New NVIDIA Drivers are Ready for Star Wars Battlefront Beta

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New NVIDIA drivers have been released , version 385.50, to ensure that you get the most out of your hardware while playing the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. The new driver also brings to the table the latest support for OpenGL ARB extensions as well as …

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GPU-Z updated to v0.8.3


The ever so useful tool for gathering all the information about your graphics card has been updated with quite a few new items. When you want to know just about everything about your video card GPU-Z is what you need. GPU-Z is a light weight, …

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