Thermaltake NiC C5 Untouchable Cool CPU Cooler Review

Today we are taking a look at the best of the best from this assortment of coolers, the NiC C5. You would think that a cooler rated with a 230W TDP would have to be monstrous and take up most of the top half of the motherboard, but Thermaltake is trying to flip that idea and deliver something much more user-friendly. Since we have the basic idea of what goes into the NiC line of coolers, we know clearance is top priority, I will be covering that, but there are a few nuances in this design that really made me sit and think, that is really “trick” for a cooler design, and I am surprised a lot of coolers haven’t went this way before, but with the new mind behind this design, I can see there are good things to come from Thermaltake in their near future.

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