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Modding 101: Switches

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Some quick info to know and remember…

Never work with switches and power wires with your computer turned on!

– You always run the power wire through the switch! This way when you turn off the switch no power can get to the device.


– If you do not have a multi meter and want to know which terminals to use remember this.
Whatever position the lever is in the opposite set of terminals is closed (connected).

Modding 101: Switches 1

– A VAC switch can be use in your PC, but if you want to use a lighted switch it must be a VDC switch.

– Soldering your wires to the switch is great for making a permanent connection. Remember to cover your connections with heat shrink or electrical tape, you do not want to short out your power supply.

– Using a mutimeter is a huge plus when working with switches and power.


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