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AMD’s FX-8370E processor reviewed

AMD has just shaken up the FX series with a trio of new models. The additions are based on the same Vishera silicon as before, but the magic of binning has yielded a faster 125W top-of-the-line part as well as two eight-core offerings with 95W thermal envelopes. One of them, the FX-8370E, will be the subject of our review this morning.

Today’s shakeup also involves a round of price cuts, the biggest one of which will send the family’s 220W flagship, the FX-9590, into the same waters as Intel’s Core i5-4690K. Other price cuts apply to the FX-9370 and FX-8320, which are both getting a tad cheaper.

Put together, these are without a doubt the biggest changes AMD’s FX line has seen in well over a year. Let’s look at them one by one before we fire off our benchmarks.

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