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Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1000W (HCP-1000) Power Supply Review

A few days ago my cousin called and asked me whether or not spending 45Euros on a power supply unit to replace the one that stopped working was reasonable or just too much. To be honest with all of you at first i didn’t really realize what he was saying, i mean spending 45Euros both to purchase a PSU and have installed in your system just couldn’t be cheaper so for a second there i thought he wanted something better so he decided to ask me for suggestions. In the end that wasn’t the case so he did believe that spending that amount of money was more than he should (no wonder his previous PSU didn’t last long). That being said we’ve pointed out the reasons of owning a quality PSU numerous times in the past and so i believe that no one should trust all those cheap models in the market not only because they may stop working (that really should be the least of your worries) but also because they may drag along your entire system with them. 80 Plus Platinum certified PSUs are quite popular nowadays especially with the price drops occurred by the introduction of the 80 Plus Titanium certification (which actually took longer than expected) so today we will be taking a look at yet another such model the High Current Pro Platinum 1000W (HCP-1000) by Antec.

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