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AORUS Z270X-Gaming 5 Motherboard Review

A Closer Look at the Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming 5 Motherboard »

Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming 5Aorus is a premium gaming brand spawned from GIGABYTE that has expanded to offering motherboards beginning with Intel’s 200-series chipset and Kaby Lake CPU release. On launch day, Aorus is introducing six Z270-based mainboards starting with the high-end Z270X-Gaming 9 all the way to their entry level Z270X-Gaming K5. Since Aorus is a Gigabyte brand, they share the same naming scheme and many of the same features that are familiar to many users despite being a new brand to the motherboard scene.

The Z270X-Gaming 5 is the lower mainstream 200-series mainboard offering from Aorus, second only to the Z270X-Gaming K5 in terms of affordability although you would not know it looking at the specifications sheet as it comes packed. Also, since it is a premium brand, it is priced differently with the Z270X-Gaming 5 actually priced at $195 so it is on par with many higher mainstream Kaby Lake motherboards. The Z270X-Gaming 5 features dual-Gigabit LAN using Intel and Killer NICs, Realtek ALC1220 HD audio codec, USB 3.1 Type-C, on-board U.2 and dual M.2 slots. Building upon Gigabyte Z170 motherboard features, the Aorus Z270X-Gaming 5 also features improved smart fan functions and management via Smart Fan 5 and  improved RGB LED implementation with RGB fusion having multiple light zones and multiple modes, effects as well as flexible customization.

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The Z270X-Gaming 5 motherboard sports a black box with an orange accent with the Aorus logo front and center in the middle although a small Gigabyte is also present on the side familiar tomost. All the promotional information are in the rear outlining some of the Z270X-Gaming 5 motherboard’s unique features including USB DAC Amp, RGB Fusion and more.

Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming 5

The contents inside the box are stored in two compartments. The top area contains the motherboard housed inside an anti-static bag while underneath all the accessories are individually packed and stored.

Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming 5

Aside from the essential drive disc (It is 2016, why can’t these things come in USB drives instead?), installation guide and IO shield. Gigabyte includes four black SATA cables (two of which have one 90-degree end), a Gigabyte G-connector for the front IO, an Aorus case badge, and a 4-pin RGB LED extension cable. Since this is a pre-production model, there is no user manual pictured here but it should be available for download on the product page or bundled with the motherboard when you purchase it in store.

Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming 5

The Aorus Z270X-Gaming 5 motherboard uses an ATX form factor measuring 305 x 244mm with a matte black 6-layer PCB and brushed aluminum black anodized heatsinks. The DIMM and PCI-E x16 slots are also equipped with a shiny “armor” reinforcement. On the right side edge is an obvious strip of LED and there are more outlining the audio area on the other side.

Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming 5

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