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Attitude One Rapira Elite Laser Gaming Mouse Review

If you happen to like real time strategy and space simulator gamers then chances are you are aware that Starpoint Gemini 2 one of the best space RTS we’ve seen in a while was just launched. It’s not really a breathtaking game since the graphics are not what you’d expect for a 2014 title, it still has some bugs that need addressing (for example ships firing on their own at the end of missions) and it’s certainly not of the same magnitude as the upcoming Star Citizen – Squadron 42 by Chris Roberts and Elite Frontier by David Braben (although these focus a lot more on the simulation part) but it’s a good way to spend time and if my memory serves me right Steam should have it on sale right now so if you do happen to like space RTS i strongly recommend taking a look. That being said I’ve been using Starpoint Gemini 2 along with Dead Rising 3 for the past week to test several of the latest gaming mice to hit the market and today we can finally bring you the review of the Rapira Elite Laser Gaming Mouse by Attitude One.

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