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AverMedia ExtremeCap U3 Video Game Capture Device Review


A long time ago I got a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas and I started playing Super Mario Bros. I had been playing games for years at that point but they were always on older systems, ones that I got used or maybe long after launch so even though everything was new to me it was old news for most of my friends. I started playing games back when they were dominated by books and everything was played on paper and in our imagination. Then I continued to play through the generations of Atari consoles like the 2600 and 7800. As soon as I got my hands on that new Nintendo all I wanted to do was play 24/7. While playing there were so many times I ran out to tell my sister or my mom about my latest conquest.(both of whom I am sure were on the edge of their seats awaiting my latest update). I just wanted someone to share my happiness.

via AverMedia ExtremeCap U3 Video Game Capture Device Review.


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