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Biostar A68N-5000 Motherboard Overview and Review

I have noticed that, far too often, the impression is made that more is better. More power, more fans, more memory, etc. I guess I could agree that, to some extent, this is true, however, there comes a point that it is just more. If it does not directly affect or impact what you need, it can also be overkill. Take, for instance, a car that came from the factory with 16 inch wheels. If you install 22 inch wheels on this same car, maybe you will achieve the appearance you want, however, the performance will degrade because it will take more power to turn those larger wheels. So if you only needed 16 Gigabytes of RAM, because that was all your system would utilize, there would be no need to spend additional money to purchase 128 Gigabytes of RAM. I like the phrase less is more. The Biostar A68N-5000 mini ITX motherboard is a great example of this. With the mini ITX platform we have seen some very impressive products, and Biostar has produced another great motherboard packed full of features. Would you like to control your HTPC with your smart phone? Biostar has you covered with their Bio Remote 2. Yes, an APP that can be installed to utilize some of the features of the motherboard. It is also capable of up to 16Gb of DDR3 1600MHz RAM, has an integrated AMD A4 Fusion Quad Core processor, and 3D visual, ATI Radeon HD 8330 graphics, that are DX11.1 ready. The 6+ experience from Biostar features Audio+ with 5.1 channel HD audio, Video+, Speed+, Protection+ with their over voltage, over current, and overheat protection. Durable+ with their moisture proof PCB, ESD protection, and low RdsOn P-Pak MOSFET.

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