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BitFenix Flo Premium PC Headset Review

Back in the old days the only people i knew who used full sized closed headphones were either in the music/radio industry or they were audiophiles who just wanted to listen to their favorite tunes without having to worry about what people around them would say (yes usually at very high volume levels). Now well things have changed a lot since people use headphones and headsets for all sorts of things from listening to music while at home or on the road and answering and making calls from their smartphones up to watching movies and playing their favorite games. As a matter of fact the market for headphones and headsets is so large right now that even several PC case manufacturers have decided that they too want a piece of it. One of them is BitFenix and since their PC cases always seem to hit the bulls eye between price and features i hope the same applies for their latest Flo Premium PC Headset.

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