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CM Storm Devastator Review – Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Getting two things to review in the same package feels a little overwhelming, yet exciting at the same time. I get to ask myself so many questions that I normally wouldn’t, such as: “How do these two devices work together?” or “Do they manage to pull off a similar style, making them feel like an item bundle” and even “What does this mean for consumers, is it more worth it than buying a keyboard and mouse separately?” All these questions I will answer, analyzing both the products included in the Cooler Master Devastator bundle separately and as a package.


The Devastator combo by Cooler Master features both a keyboard and a mouse in one convenient package. Cooler Master just released a red edition, which features a red backlight, but for this review I’m using the blue edition. Both versions seem to be exactly the same however, so it’s up to your preference whether you prefer having blue or red backlight.

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