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CM STORM TRIGGER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CM STORM released the TRIGGER with black, blue, brown and red Cherry MX switches to cover pretty much the largest percentage of the market (mostly gamers). However there are many Mechanical keyboards out there using brown/black/blue Cherry MX Switches and since we’ve reviewed quite a few during the past months we decided to ask for the rarest model of them all which is the one using Cherry MX Red switches (for a change). All three versions however sport a 6 N-key rollover (up to 6 simultaneous key hits), 5 dedicated macro keys, adjustable backlighting and 64kb of onboard memory (used to store profiles). Unfortunately although we did give away three such keyboards a while back (although we never did specify the type of switches back then) it took a long time for us to actually get our hands on it but having used it for over a week we can now finally publish our review.

via CM STORM TRIGGER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard at Nikktech.

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