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COMPRO TN2200 Mini-Dome Cloud Network Camera Review

If there’s one thing currently that security experts/analysts around the world all agree on that’s the large increase of crime rates over the past 5 years and honestly i doubt this is really a surprise to most of you out there. Personally i may have yet to become a victim of something bad but my best friend had his store broken into twice inside 4 years, almost got mugged the other day while still in his car, another friend of mine got robbed while in his house and finally there have been numerous such reports around where i live. Because of that and also because many of you have asked us to focus on security related reviews of IP cameras and surveillance kits we’re currently doing our best to bring as many such products here as possible. Today we’ll be testing the latest Cloud Network Camera by COMPRO, the mini-dome TN2200.

COMPRO TN2200 Mini-Dome Cloud Network Camera Review @ NikKTech

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