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Much like Guest Writer Brian Cheung’s family, I too have been looking at purchasing a car. If you have read the Behind the Scenes profile page, you will know I have been driving a Chevrolet Cobalt. While this car is not exactly known for its reliability or responsiveness, it has been good enough to get me from Point A to Point B without very much drama or horror. My dream car has always been one of the following: The Chevrolet Camaro, or the Subaru Impreza WRX (Now known as the Subaru WRX). I know my first car will not be either one of these cars, as I am still a student, and I will have other cars to purchase in my lifetime. I was talking with Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan about purchasing my first car, and I mentioned two options that were on my mind: The Nissan Micra, and the Mitsubishi Mirage. Honestly, the only thing that attracted me was the starting pre-tax price of under $10K. At this dollar, you get a box with four wheels and some attractive low fuel consumption. Sure, there are lots of features that are not standard, like power windows, Bluetooth integration, or even air conditioning, but it still is a functionally able car. Since I am still a single guy, I also probably do not need the extra room that comes with larger vehicles. The fact is, some potential car buyers out there are looking for something to just get them to their intended destination. They could buy a used car, but the thrill of having a new one may be on their mind. Similarly, when Cooler Master revealed their CM Storm Devastator keyboard and mouse set, I was a bit shocked at the lack of features. Yes, it is functionally able to get your work done with some gaming on the side, but at the time I questioned if it was really any good. Before I write it off though, I saw the price tag, and then took a second glance. And a third. The Cooler Master Storm Devastator boasts a price of just under $30 for both a keyboard and mouse, and it is one of the few combinations that have flashy LEDs underneath. I had the chance to get a closer look at this and thankfully today, you can too!

via Cooler Master Storm Devastator Review (Page 1 of 4) | APH Networks.

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