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Cooltek ITX30 Low-Profile CPU Cooler Review

A few weeks ago we received an email by one of you telling us that he didn’t like the fact that the majority of our CPU Cooler reviews were about high and ultra-end models and not low-profile coolers designed primarily for HTPC use. So to clear this i will just say that it was never our intention to focus on a specific type of CPU Cooler but as some of you know the LGA1155 test system is not located in our lab (since aside the two LGA1366 and the one LGA2011 systems i don’t own it) and ontop of that there aren’t that many low-profile models in the market to begin with. Still since we don’t want anyone feeling left out we have received three of the latest low-profile CPU Coolers to hit the stores and today we will start by taking a look at the Cooltek ITX30 Low-Profile CPU Cooler (Powered By Thermolab).

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