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Corsair’s Obsidian Series 450D enclosure reviewed – The Tech Report

What’s this? Another Corsair Obsidian Series enclosure? These things are multiplying faster than Duggar children, but we’re not complaining. Some of our favorite PC cases come from the Obsidian Series, which combines understated styling with builder-friendly features and robust cooling capacity.

The Obsidian Series runs the gamut from the bit-sized 250D, which is built for Mini-ITX boards, to the gargantuan 900D tower, which stands over two feet tall. Between those extremes lies the 350D, a generously proportioned microATX mini-tower, along with the 750D, a larger mid-tower that can take ATX motherboards in addition to EATX and XL-ATX fare.

All the bases would seem to be covered, but there’s a gap—and I don’t just mean in the model numbers. You see, the 750D is pretty big for an ATX case. It’s more of a mid-major than a typical mid-tower. The 350D has more manageable proportions, but it’s limited to microATX motherboards and the accompanying expansion trade-offs. Where’s the ATX mini-tower between those two models?

Right here:

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