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COUGAR MX500 Midi Tower Review

As far back as i can remember all my friends were always looking to find the weirdest looking PC case to house their brand new systems and although i once followed their lead by choosing the quite remarkable (for its time) Xaser III by Thermaltake I’ve always liked elegant models without many bells and whistles on the outside (interior space and build quality have always been the two most important things for me). For good or bad lately most manufacturers out there have been focusing mostly in the design and manufacture of strange looking towers (some for example base design on sports cars) to try and attract as many “young” people as possible and although that’s understandable many times we see build quality and interior space placed last (an exception to that rule although it could have been even better is the Cosmos II). COUGAR may not be one of the oldest PC case manufacturers in the market but they have released quite a few interesting models and today on our test bench we have their brand new MX500 Midi Tower.

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