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Cremax Icy Dock MB153SP-B SATA HDD Cage Reader Review

Many people know the problem: You still have an older but good case, but there is a lack of space for hard drives. Well, some cases were even then very expensive and maybe you do not really want a new case. So what can you do if you want to install more hard drives while you don’t need a big number of 5 DVD or Bluray Drives? Maybe a backplane with removeable frames could help you. The advantages are clear: you can remove every single HDD for example when they’re broken or when you use a HDD only for backup you can eject it from the running system. That saves energy and the HDD (hopefully) lives longer. Other benefits would include that each drive has its own status LED. So you know immediately each disk with traffic. If you use RAID systems, in the case of a defect, you can replace the HDD on the fly without shutting down the system. Advantages that exist in the server segment for a long time and in the days of cheap HDDs are very interesting, even for home users, especially when you want to build up an own home server.

Cremax has a cheap “3-in-2 SATA internal RAID backplane for 3.5-inch SATA hard drives” for about 60 EUR on the market. We have a closer look on the Icy Dock MB153SP-B.

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