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PowerColor Unleashes RX 480 Red Devil

Photos of custom AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics cards have been circulating online for the past few days and everyone has been waiting for their release with baited breath as some don’t really prefer the louder, blower-style rear-exhaust coolers compared to graphics cards with beefier custom cooling. There is good news for those users as their prayers have been answered, not from the heavens but from down below as PowerColor officially announces the RX 480 Red Devil 8GB GDDR5 Graphics card.

PowerColor RX480 Red Devil

The latest graphics card from PowerColor runs at an engine-clock of up to 1330MHz with boost and has 8GB of GDDR5 memory running at 8000MHz via a 256-bit interface. Power is fed to the 6+1 phase VRM and to the GPU monster with additional help via a single 8-pin connector from the power supply in addition to the PCI-E power draw. To keep the Red Devil running cool, two pieces of 8mm and two more pieces of 6mm nickel plated copper heatpipe distribute heat from an aluminum fin array actively cooled by three 80mm double-ball-bearing fans. This is a cooling system PowerColor dubs the Double Blade III. In addition to its custom cooler, the RX 480 Red Devil also comes with a custom backplate with added strengthening from a copper-based thermal module across the PCB.

PowerColor RX 480 Specifications

At the same time, PowerColor is also announcing the launch of the Devil Club membership. No, you do not get to sacrifice goats in front of an altar but Devil Club members receive speedy tech support, exclusive competitions, free downloads and giveaways for signing up at

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