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Fan Made X-Wing Simulator Brings The Battle of Endor to Oculus Rift

An independent developer has released a simulator for Oculus Rift recreating Return of the Jedi’s Battle of Endor.

The simulator was created by developer James Clement who created it with the Oculus Rift Dev Kt 1 and Unity 3D. While Clements has affirmed that the simulator still needs a fair bit of “polish,” he has nonetheless released the current version for download. He’s also posted a nice chunk of extended play footage to his YouTube channel. The footage follows Clement as he pilots an X-Wing into battle against a Star Destroyer and then into the innards of the Death Star itself.

While Clement’s current goal is to wrap up development on the X-Wing simulator, complete work on another Millennium Falcon-themed project he’s working on and then perhaps “do a simple speeder bike chase” or “a Hoth battle somewhere down the line.” As exciting as all of that sounds, what will be really interesting to see is how long Disney and Lucasfilm let this go on. Something just tells us that Mr. Clement may have some Cease and Desist letters in his future.

via Fan Made X-Wing Simulator Brings The Battle of Endor to Oculus Rift | Game Front.

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