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Func KB-460 (Cherry MX Blue) Review | APH Networks

When my colleague Aaron Lai linked to my Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD5-B3 introduction regarding the “hypothetical” Javad character in his Kingston HyperX Cloud review two weeks ago, it came to me how ironic the world can be. For one thing, I described a teaching assistant as “underpaid graduate students who are overworked slaves to Dr. WhoeverHisNameIs”. Well, as I sit here writing this review, I can no longer endorse that comment. The reason is simple. Three and a half years after that review was published, I am now a graduate student, who is — by the way of all irony — a teaching assistant. Because I stepped into the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program right I finished my university degree, and being Asian and all, I can easily get away with looking like an undergraduate student. Recently, I attended a lecture for the class I am helping out with. I quietly sat at the back, and all the other students simply thought I was one of their classmates. Half way through the session, the professor introduced me as the TA. Suddenly, everyone turned around with an essence of awe, while I smiled and waved at their visibly surprised faces. As you can see here, it really does not matter if I look like one of them, the fact is, I am not. As we discuss yet again on the concept of appearance versus reality, here what I want to get through to you today: Did APH Networks not already review the Func KB-460? We absolutely did. However, the original KB-460 came with Cherry MX Red switches. The KB-460 we are reviewing today may look exactly the same, but underneath the keycaps are Blue switches instead. Just because something looks the same on the surface, does not mean they really are. Read on to find out if this ostensibly identical keyboard can roll out a different rating in our evaluation today!

via Func KB-460 (Cherry MX Blue) Review | APH Networks.

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